My first published Editorial for 2014!

The Study featured on Fashionising!

High Fashion Photography

The Study was a project I imagined in my mind every single day for over six months. Designer @mimi_newyork and I were in talks for production for half a year. The story changed dramatically. Each conversation was about a different concept, a different location. To make a long story short; this #editorial is extra special to me. It was the longest pre production story in my career. I met an amazing #couture #designer to help me and I worked with the most #talentedteam I have ever met. A#fashionphotographer job isn’t always easy but it is completely worth it. From my mind to your screen.
Thank you @mimi_newyork  @raymondgeenyc @keia_vita_blu  @vitablumonroe @katelyn_kope  @kittymessenger @koshevoykateryna

Check it out here:–The-Study-by-Michelle-Aristocrat-17989-1.html

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