My ‘make-up’ Story

Once upon a time there lived a little girl- locked away in her kingdom all away up on the 21st floor, she had found something beautiful. She was in fact watching a beautiful canvas recreating to something she only saw in movies… a dip of a brush into a magical powder full of glitter, the brightest blue as the sky and a pink so soft it made her cry.

This is my makeup story.

I remember being 9/10 years old; my eldest sister had a freelance makeup artist come to the house for an application. I remember seeing a tall blonde artist walk in with metal cases w/ leather tags. I watched in awe while my sister was getting her makeup done, the transformation to me was like dress up. I knew instantly what I wanted to do.. I put down my sketches and started painting.

I started doing makeup professionally when I was 16 for Club Monaco Cosmetics in Canada during High School. When I was told that I could work for credits, I jumped out of class and went to the first place I could think of.. the mall! I remember being so nervous walking up to the beautiful ladies behind the counter to apply for an intern position but that was just the start of something amazing! Ever since then I was fortunate enough to manage lines like Estee Lauder, Napoleon Perdis and be 3rd Key/Artist for MAC Cosmetics. Freelanced for several lines and now with 10 years in I’m proud to be a freelance makeup artist for Michelle Aristocrat. (me)

Makeup to me is like dress up- you can make yourself anything you want to be, feel any way you want to feel. It is empowering and sexy, it can be deceiving or revealing. It can be soft and natural.. it can be the better side of you.

makeup-less to makeup baby!!

So to all my fellow artists out there- keep creating magic and keep making people feel beautiful.


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