Kevyn Aucoin

As you may know makeup is my passion-

I love how makeup can transform a persons  look and attitude.

Makeup for me is like dress up,

there are no rules and you can change-up your look everyday to your mood.

I started obsessing with makeup when a freelance makeup artist (Heather) came to my condo to do my sisters makeup. Keep in mind I was only 11 at the time. I remember staring in awe the whole hour, and I knew I loved it!

People always ask me who my favorite makeup artist is-

that is a hard question to answer for most because there is so much talent in this world. But my answer is always Kevyn Aucoin. He had such skill in his artistry and accomplished so much in so little time.  I met alot of  ‘stars’ in my life, but I wish I could have met him. He passed away over 10 yrs ago.

Making faces to this day is still my all time favorite makeup book.