Ice Queen Fashionista

Model: Dasha
This was a very fun shoot. My favourite thing in the world as a makeup artist is to do something crazy, creative and fun! Dasha was fabulous cause she was open to anything, even the outrageous idea that I had for her…. so here it is- Ice Queen.
I started with using the fabulous airbrush with white airbrush makeup of OCC; I used a few layers to really hide Dasha’s skin from peeking through. Because I used layers of the product it is very important that the model keeps her eyes closed at all times to prevent creasing.
The top layer which is the silver, I use MAC Frosted Pigment. (I think that is the name but don’t quote me on it) It was used on the entire face, lids, lips and chest. Lips were done using a red lipstick, pencil and topped it off with a deep red lip varnish from MAC. (you guys remember the lip varnishes.. ahhh I love, I can’t believe they discontinued it. Isn’t that always the way!)
Teasing is a must to get this look. Alot of other stylist I know put a straight stick or something to get that point. You can do the same with just teasing the hair and using a bit of hairspray then moulding the hair to stick right up. It’s happy to see you! 😉
I had to add a leopard scrunchie… why not a scrunchie!!!