Up on the roof top…

I collabed with Red Rose Photography a couple of weeks ago…

Model: Caroline
MUA, Hair, Styling/Wardrobe: Me
Photographer: Red Rose Photography

First look was clean, defined with an orange twist; MAC Select Foundation was used to even out the skin, with some concealer under the eyes and above the lids to wipe away color. After setting the entire face with powder; I defined the brows and applied one coat of mascara to the eyes. Cheeks were contours with powder, an orange tone blush on the apple of the cheeks were applied followed with a bright orange lip. I teased the hair completely for a punky volume effect.

The second look was easy due to the base already being on Caroline’s skin.. I added black fluid liner to create a smokey eye. I kept the corners square for uniqueness and added another coat of black mascara for volume. Face was re-powdered and the lip was blanked out using concealer. The ‘way up’ pony was created easily by pulling the hair up into a ponytail, spraying oil on the hair for slickness and then sticking it up with hairspray. (because I teased the hair in the first look, hair stand up straight easily.. good trick here)
The last look is a classic; kept everything the same but added a dark red lip.